Zuckschwerdt Family Reunion 2018, in Staufen, July 7, and 8.

It was a gorgeous day when 60 Zuckschwerdts met in the Caveau to hear all the details of the emigration in the 18th centuary. We enjoyed the walk to the Staufberg and the castels of Lenzburg and Habsburg.


Zuckschwerdt Family Reunion 2014, in the Black Forest, October 4, and 5.

50 Zuckschwerdts listened to the information of the living in the Middle Age of our ancestors. On Sunday we visited by bus their old farmhouses of our ancestors and had many good talks. For more information write to


Tamara 316Zuckschwerdt Family Reunion 2013
40 Zuckschwerdts at the Meeting  Zeitungsbericht….

Meeting of the Zuckschwerdts in Raitenhaslach on Saturday and Sunday, 7. and 8. September 2013.

We’ll meet at the Monastery Guesthouse in Raitenhaslach, on Saturday, September 7, 2013, at 7 pm for Aperitif and Dinner. We want to get to know each other discussing the various pedigrees of the families of Raitenhaslach, Austria, Northern Germany, Bavaria, Camberg and Bad Sulza, Braunschweig, Blackforest and Switzerland.

On Sunday, September 8, at 11 am we have a guided tour of the Monastery, and see the coat of arms of the Zuckschwerdt and the tombstone of  “Knight Bernhart Czukschwert” in the cloister. After lunch you will have an opportunity to ask questions.