Die Zuckschwerdts – eine Genealogie
In a hardcover book of 160 pages, our ancestors come back to life again. In stories, legends and old documents, coat of arms and seals as witnesses, their lives are shown from the Middle Age up to the present day. You may even be able to find your missing family members among the more than 6000 Zuckschwerdts on my computer.

The book is written in German.



Switzerland Fr. 110.00 (Fr. 101.00 and Fr. 9.00 postage & charges)

Europe EUR 100.00 (EUR 83.00 and EUR 17.00 postage & charges)

Overseas U$ 140.00 (U$ 110.00 and U$ 30.00 postage & charges)

Payment on banking account Kurt Zuckschwerdt, CH-9403 Goldach,

St. Galler Kantonalbank, St. Gallen.
IBAN: CH43 0078 1315 5004 8980 5, SWIFT: KBSG CH22, or


buch-4cmA saga of 800 years of Zuckschwerdt

Of the knights in Raitenhaslach in the 12th century,  those who emigrated to the United States of America and more about the families living all over the world.

The book is written in German and can be orderd directly at Cardamina Verlag.

Price EUR 24.00 and mailing